Elijah then comes in and offers the army vampire fighting lessons. His father is from Kentucky, U.S.A. and his Mother is from Manila, Philippines. No longer being a normal vampire, thus unkillable to the Mikaelsons, Marcel quickly adopts a more arrogant and confrontational nature, over his more pragmatic tendencies, doing what he feels is necessary regardless of the consequences, such as fatally wounding Kol and Elijah. When he woke up, Davina was gone and he tried to get Vincent, Kol, and the Regent Van Nguyen to revive her immediately, worried it was too late. She will not tell Marcel what it says as it is her responsibility now. Marcel killed what he thought was the remaining Guerrera Family along with Joe Dalton. With the help of the a witch, Genevieve, Marcel and Rebekah summoned Mikael. The reason the article has been tagged as such is that it is lacking You may wish to edit it to improve the standard or quality of work present on this article. Charles got his start with the talent agency Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ (AMTC). They had a strong relationship however Marcel's love for Klaus' sister, Rebekah caused tension to which caused Klaus to give him an ultimatum, vampirism or Rebekah. With the Hollow defeated, he is currently in New York City with Rebekah. This article has been identified as an article that. However, Aya showed him The Cursed Stake she had used to take down Rebekah. Klaus suddenly interrupted, furious and seeing their relationship as a betrayal. He reminds Klaus that he ran from the town, then he comes back and brags about how the vampires rule and how he controls all the witches. In I Hear You Knocking, Marcel is seen drinking at a bar when Sofya enters, wondering why Marcel didn't return home that night. Klaus admits that he was jealous, he saw what Marcel had built and he wanted it. However, when Marcel and Rebekah grew closer again, unable to deny their feelings for each other, they desperately searched for a way to be free to do as they wished, without Klaus trying to control them. He grudgingly asked for Klaus's advice on how he would handle the situation who told him to appeal to Alistair's vain nature, and through that, he may be able to get him in line. Marcel used his extensive knowledge of the city and his contacts in New Orleans to hide with the charter but was eventually found by Elijah. Unfortunately Finn kidnapped every vampire. He's satisfied that those kids are safe. He offered to get Davina out of town but she denied his offer, believing she could handle herself. Klaus wants Marcel's house. After a conversation with Josh, he goes to Thierry in the Garden because Thierry is the only one he trusts. Tyler is filling the vampires in on Klaus' past of becoming a hybrid. The two entered a duel to determine who got the charter but Marcel took the opportunity to snatch the charter, reminding them that all the rules dictated was that someone had to have the charter at midnight, not the specifics on how they did that. Marcel supposedly studied law in the 1950s. Marcel met with her, happy to see she was okay and no longer hexed, but was suspicious of the timing. In Red Door, Hayley tells Marcel that the werewolf kids they rescue are in a safe house far north of the city. Marcel also has shackles to hold Rebekah as his prisoner. The Hollow tried to influence them, hoping to use them as an anchor to act more directly in the living world. Slave (Formerly)Klaus' Protégé (Formerly)Soldier (Formerly) Leader of the New Orleans VampiresLeader of his Vampire ArmyLeader of The Strix (Formerly)The Hollow's anchor to the living world (Formerly)Prisoner (Formerly) Josh met him at the loft to tell him about an online auction for the last white oak bullet, something that The Strix hadn't noticed since they didn't pay as good of attention to modern things as Josh did. When he pressed them for information, they were uncooperative as they didn't trust Marcel and didn't see him as a friend. When they had a moment alone, Davina thanked Marcel for saving her at the Harvest years ago and for everything else he had done for her after, telling him she loved him. Also, he's intelligent, being able to run a city and maintain it, being much better at it than Klaus, as the latter's leadership was not popular or respected by any faction. He also learns that Cami had actually developed feelings for him. Joe Dalton † (1918)Soldiers of The Brotherhood of the Damned † (1918)Thierry Vanchure † (1940s)Max †Diego †Many other vampires †Gia † (2012) With Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen. Elijah, noticing how much Klaus cares for Marcel decides to tell Marcel he is bored of him, in an attempt to distance himself, so Klaus could continue mentoring him in hopes it would help Klaus become a better man. Elijah arrived and revealed that he knew Aya, attacking her and threatening her for more information. Marcel caught Kluas' eye after he threw an apple at a slave overseer after being whipped. Marcel goes to Cami, apologizing for not inviting her himself. When the ancient vampire society known as The Strix arrives in New Orleans, they approached Marcel and offered him a place among their ranks as a war was brewing between the three remaining sirelines of vampires. Davina doesn't tell him about Klaus and reminds him that she lives in the church. In Wild at Heart, Marcel attended a dinner Aya hosted with some of The Strix inner circle. In An Old Friend Calls, Marcel returned to his loft to find that Josh and many of his other vampires had partied all night celebrating their de-siring from Klaus. Marcel tried to do so but instead found that Alistair was persistent in seeing Klaus, wanting to kill him since he suspected all of the Mikaelsons were magically linked to him, so killing him would kill them all. She's taking abnormal psychology in college. Klaus is an Original vampire and a werewolf, making him the Original Hybrid. He introduces Hayley to the Vampires, He warns them about protecting Hayley. When the time came and Marcel still held the charter, he was named the new leader of the ancient vampire society, having used his cunning instead of brute force to make up for the age difference between him and his rival candidates. Marcel regrouped with Tristan and Aya at his loft, giving Tristan Klaus' blood to heal from the werewolf bites he had received during his captivity. Also, he tells Marcel that Klaus has to have a inside man. Later, Marcel gives Elijah the new recruit - Gia as a student in hopes that Elijah will join his vampire community. He's not mad at her, Klaus comes in and has a little chat with Davina. The vampires quickly became more powerful. Klaus tells Marcel that the main reason for this whole taking over New Orleans was mainly the witches idea, he doesn't want his baby to have a father like he had. She threatened to dagger him with the same cursed stake that had hexed her, but Sofya shot her in the back with arrows. He then tells her he's also is in a predicament if he doesn't get her blood to Finn he's going kill every vampire by the hour. Marcel assured her he was always on her side and had her back but some things weren't worth the price you had to pay to get them. He lets Rebekah know he's in charge and everything in New Orleans is his. Marcel wanted to know who her friends were and she explained that she worked for The Strix, the oldest society of vampires in the world. He is also very brave, being one of the very few who can speak defiantly in Klaus' presence without worrying about his own life in the process. Klaus compels him to stop Rebekah with her spell to trick Dahlia into thinking they have baby Hope. Marcel gathered Alistair and his followers to the compound to show them Klaus. Despite their differences over the years, Marcel is genuinely distraught by Klaus' impending doom and admits to Rebekah his love for the family. He is of African American and Filipino descent. In You Hung the Moon, after Davina was attacked by another witch, Marcel told her that a show of force was needed. Their meeting was interrupted by the arrival of Aya, who had told Marcel she had an offer for him. Whenever possible use a photo of the actor from their chest up, similar to a promotional headshot. Daniel is the seventh child of Mikael and Esther. In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, Marcel discussed their current situation with his vampires; saying that with the serial killer running around, they would have to stop feeding off tourists and locals for the time being. Klaus walks in while Marcel and Thierry are trying to establish who might have done it. He is best known for his recurring role as Kwan Kirkland on the television series The Game, as well as his role as Liam Lupo on the Television series Switched at Birth, and his role as Marcel Gerard on the Television Series The Originals. Marcel sent Josh to retrieve the prize but he was brutally beaten by Sofya and her vampires running the auction. Marcel was very moral, as he tried to stop another slave getting beaten which then resulted in Marcel getting shot by his own father. Overall, he takes the role as an overprotective father figure in Davina's life. He is best known for his recurring role as Kwan Kirkland on the television series The Game, as well as his role as Liam Lupo on the Television series Switched at Birth, and his role as Marcel Gerard on the Television Series The Originals.C… Marcel and Vincent drove out to the mansion's grounds where they discussed the past of their city, and Vincent's attempt long ago to find a power that could have defeated Marcel and brought the witches out from under his thumb. Klaus and Marcel listen to Thierry play the saxophone. He is also a close friend and confidante of Josh. At the ball, Marcel sees that Rebekah has invited Cami. In No Quarter, Marcel listened to Sofya explain that Hayley Marshall's recent activity showed signs that she could have found a cure for Marcel's bite and Klaus's siblings could be potentially healed and on their way back to the city. It's empty but then Marcel shows up. Marcel promises Hope that he will always be there for her if she needs him and decides to take all of the vampires with him when he leaves New Orleans to leave the city free of their kind for good. He likes that she is not a part of the supernatural world. Actor/Model, Director Vampire Diaries Cast Vampire Diaries The Originals Marcel Klaus And Hope Michael Malarkey The Originals 3 Original Vampire Daniel Gillies Mystic Falls. He demands to know why Marcel was having him followed and also wants to know what he's been up to in his, Klaus', town. He put up a fight but was no match for Aya who relentlessly beat him down. Male He has dark skin, brown eyes, shaven hair and appears to physically be in his late 20s. Rebekah wants Marcel to stay safe. December 1, 1984 (age 36) Human (Originally)Vampire (Niklaus' bloodline)(Broken) (Formerly)Upgraded Original Vampire (Currently) With no way of bringing her back, Marcel clutched Davina's hand and cried over her body, shattered by the loss of a girl who saw him as her guardian. Marcel was also banished from the French Quarter by Elijah due to Rebekah and his great betrayal from 1919. Marcel doesn't want Cami to her plan, but changes his mind with Hayley's call. He pointed out that Marcel had another witch, since Gia now had a daylight ring. After they're freed the vampires successfully make it back to his loft where he's given Klaus's blood. She was impressed by his resolve and proposed that they take the conversation some place more private, where he wouldn't be trying to defend his pride in front of his men. Elijah arrived, stabbing him in the back with a large piece of wood. He continues to mourn her but will stop at nothing to find a way to bring her back. He then lived with the Mikaelson Family for the majority of the next century until he was enlisted in the Army during World War I and was deployed to France until the war ended in late 1918. By Niklaus Mikaelson in 1835 (into a vampire)By The Ancestors in 2014 (into an Upgraded Original Vampire) (through The Immortality Spell) He was trying to maintain order within the city, which meant dealing with the witches, who continued their pursuit of Davina after the Harvest ritual he and his army interrupted. As he later told Hayley, he could have kept her to gain leverage over the wolves, but ultimately chose to ensure she had a good life. The Vampire Diaries Season Four Characters, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcel_(given_name), https://vampirediaries.fandom.com/wiki/Marcel_Gerard?oldid=2780845. The Hollow also uses the face of Klaus to achieve this. During Marcel's rule, he enforced a system of rules of his creation within the French Quarter, by which all supernatural residents must abide. After collecting Lucien's blood, they brought it to Cami to drink but it proved unable to help aid her worsening condition. When Davina comes to Klaus and Marcel to get back Tim, she attacks him and blames him for betraying her. In Ashes to Ashes, he calms down an angry Davina as she was tricked into resurrecting Esther instead of Kol. In The Other Girl in New Orleans, Marcel tried to help find Cami after she had been captured by Aurora de Martel but his efforts were interrupted by Aya. Hearing it was connected to the disappearance of a witch boy, Marcel was unconvinced that it was as serious of an issue as Vincent believed. Their first recruit was Gia, with whom both men, and especially Marcel, developed a close friendship. He had Vincent come to the bar to prepare to consecrate Davina and brought Kol back to the compound, to ask for the Mikaelsons' help in making sure Davina's resurrection went as planned. In They All Asked For You, he helps Rebekah when she couldn't use magic against the Tremé Coven. Charles Michael Davis. His taunts worked and Vincent displayed his power in anger, explaining that he would do as Marcel wished and take the regency but, to Marcel's surprise, Vincent promised him that he wouldn't like what he did with the Regent title. Marcel had began his plan to reclaim the French Quarter with Thierry, Diego, and many other vampires by his side leading to an all out war: Marcel's Army vs. Klaus, Elijah and the Crescent Wolf Pack. Marcel caves and takes Rebekah to see Elijah. He's later confronted by Klaus who he distracted by dead witches in the bayou and is surprised to see Elijah who's un-daggered. Hair color Cami thinks that her feeling for Marcel were compelled as well but Klaus points out that whatever she felt was true, he had nothing to do with that. Marcel was a slave of and the second born son of the Governor. In When the Levee Breaks, Marcel tries to convince Davina to help them dagger Klaus, when she tells Marcel that while he helped save her from Eva, he wasn't there for her when Kol died, and that's when she needed him the most, even if he didn't like Kol. He also sent Elijah an invitation, hoping that he'd be able to attend. Marcel happily accepts and leaves New Orleans to start a new life with Rebekah. In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Marcel is still in exile on the other side of New Orleans tries to enlist Thierry to take back the city. Warnings: I do not own nor claim to own the copyright or any of the characters within the TVDverse which consists of shows including “The Vampire Diaries”, “The Originals”, and “Legacies”. Elijah comes to Marcel for aid in looking for the white oak stake. See more ideas about The originals, Vampire diaries the originals, Marcel the originals. She finishes the story for Tyler. Despite being the Governor's son, he was enslaved and worked on the plantation until he happened to meet Klaus during his half-brother's funeral. In God's Gonna Trouble the Water, Marcel is currently mourning her death. After the ritual, Marcel meets with Elijah in front of the Mikaelson Mansion, where Elijah asks him to compel him to forget his family. In Fire with Fire, Marcel talks to Elijah about Davina. She is reluctant to hand over the dagger as Kol gave it to her for protection, and she'll decide if it gets used. Suddenly the werewolves come and bring a dead vampire with them. Marcel knew about Shen's reputation as a very dangerous vampire, so he called Elijah seeking advice on how to handle the situation, especially given Marcel's recent induction into The Strix. Because of his protectiveness towards Davina, Marcel doesn't hesitate to kill any witch that practices magic in the French Quarter to keep them from finding her. In The Axeman's Letter, Marcel was enlisted by Elijah to figure out what Tristan was really doing in New Orleans. Marcel deeply grieved Davina's death and avoided ruling the French Quarter for some time. Later, Klaus goes to see Marcel and tells him that he's really not his enemy. Marcel yells and stops the fight, he then picks up Klaus' coin. Marcel tells Klaus he got the explosives from Francesca. Jun 23, 2014 - Explore Laura Puente's board "elijah mikaelson" on Pinterest. As with Klaus, Marcel also has very little tolerance for disloyalty, having killed a transitioning vampire purely because she opted to save herself over her companion as well as verbally berate him. In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, after The Strix succeeded in having Vincent activate The Serratura and taking Hayley hostage, Marcel was present after the Mikaelsons struck back by taking Aurora captive, viewing the aftermath with Tristan and Aya. Marcel and Hayley found Lara who explained the Hollow offered the werewolves the power they needed to take back the city from Marcel, who she berated for ruling over a city that belonged to all of them. Hayley tried to convince him to let Klaus go so he could see his daughter, Marcel reminded her that he was raised by Klaus and that it hadn't ended well, so maybe Hope was better off not knowing her father. However, Marcel is dismayed as they haven't found anything wrong with him. Thierry joins Marcel to retake the city. He tells her that he knew her family and how they had many enemies, even among other werewolves. Marcel is ruthless, but not completely without mercy; best demonstrated by the fact that he prefers to kill his victims by snapping necks, as opposed to other Vampires, who use more inhumane methods like heart extraction, decapitation, and staking. In February 2013, it was announced that Davis was casted in a lead role on The CW's new show The Originals. And like Stefan Salvatore without his daily diet of forest friends, … After Rebekah had been daggered for 52 years, Klaus removed it from her heart. After Marcel reminded her that he wanted to be unlinked just as much as he did, Aya gave him until midnight and threatened to kill him if he didn't find another solution. It was created by Julie Plec. He let Alistair try to fight Klaus but in actuality, had planned for Klaus to defeat Alistair. Klaus is very cocky and starting to get pissed. Klaus asks what he should do and Marcel wants to kill them all. The Vampire Diaries: Guest StarringThe Originals: Starring Meanwhile, at Camille's she has left post it notes all over her house reminding her not to trust Klaus. Marcel warned her that going through the plan would be risky, as the Mikaelsons would retaliate but Davina was confident everything would work out. With no way to heal her, Cami succumbed to Lucien's bite and died. Marcel met with Davina at his gym, warning her that The Strix needed her to take down the Mikaelsons. Aya listened to Marcel's advice and The Strix abandoned their leader to his fate. In the present, Marcel is concerned about Davina, who feigns a panic attack about "something bad coming" at Elijah's instructions. Elijah is appalled by how Marcel's crew kills people in public. In the finale, a peace of sorts it settled between them thanks to Marcel saving Klaus' daughter. Klaus throws a coin saying whoever gets the coin will live, no one goes for it. On his behalf he got her to use a locator spell on Dahlia. Marcel heads back to the tower to a visibly pleased Davina, but the young witch doesn't want to give Elijah back. Later as they look over Eva's file Marcel mentions to Rebekah he thinks it's good she took over her body clearly horrified towards her crimes against kid witches and warlocks. However, after defeating The Hollow's acolytes, Marcel and Klaus became trapped in a ring of fire. During the night, she is with Josh to say farewell as he is planning to leave the city with Aiden, however the two of them come across Aiden's body. Marcel does not seem concerned that Klaus is an Original. In Alone with Everybody, Marcel had The Strix shadow Elijah to protect their sire from the threat of the last remaining white oak and the legion of Mikaelson enemies coming to town. Cause of death After Marcel throws an apple back at the man whipping him, showing his bravery, Klaus kills the man before he can retaliate. He asks Josh if he has any luck on that dating site he's on. He says that his friend has been depressed because he can't keep his mind off a girl. He took her in as family. Marcel is pissed that he lost more of his friends. He tells them about wanting blood and becoming a vampire, but only one of them gets to live. He is therefore by extension the adoptive brother of Hope Mikaelson and father figure and protector of Davina Claire. In The Originals, when Klaus arrives in New Orleans, he presents himself to Marcel, who used to be his fun-loving, charming protégé. He was initially made out to be the antagonist and the big bad of the series during the early episodes of the first season before it was revealed that he is actually a caring vampire with no ill intention, who was simply trying to protect Davina Claire, a young witch whose imposing hatred toward her coven served to help enforce his rule in the French Quarter. 1810 (New Orleans, Age 25/216) Even as they allied reluctantly once again, Marcel and Klaus still despised each other. By the end of the third season, they have grown to resent each other due to Davina's death and Marcel putting Klaus down with Papa Tunde's Blade and causing him to lose five years of his daughter's life. The Governor † (Father)Unknown Mother †Niklaus Mikaelson † (Adoptive Father)Unknown Stepmother †Emil † (Paternal Half-Brother)Hope Mikaelson (Adoptive Younger Sister)Rebekah Mikaelson (Fiancée) Katie is hurting Marcel by Davina's help-through magic. When Mikael was resurrected by Davina in From a Cradle to a Grave, he killed all of Marcel's vampire army while they were dying of werewolf bites, with the exception of Joshua Rosza, who had previously been healed by Davina. This made his vampire faction reign supreme over witches, humans, and werewolves during the next few decades until Marcel ultimately became the de facto King of New Orleans. In Gather Up the Killers, Marcel had run New Orleans for five years after defeating the Mikaelsons and capturing Klaus. Marcel was stunned by the news, having loaded the kids into the ambulance himself but Vincent assured him that the ambulance had gone missing too. Twilight + Vampire Diaries Crossover. Later, Gia asked Marcel why he wanted her to be mentored by Elijah and Marcel explained that they needed to convince Elijah that he should join their vampire community since Klaus was siding with the wolves, they needed an Original on their side. Joseph Morgan won a People's Choice Award for Favorite Actor in a New Series for his performance.The show lasted five seasons and 92 episodes. Klaus opens up to Camille and reveals details of the devastating secret Rebekah and Marcel were trying to keep from him. At The Abattoir he interrogates Kol. Elijah initially seemed enraged by the results, shoving his hand into Marcel's chest and threatening to kill him but Marcel reminded him that he just played the game by the rules. Marcel and Camille are on a date at the bar. In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Marcel tries to make peace with Davina but she is furious with him and doesn't want to see him. After Elijah was awakened, Davina still completed the spell on Klaus, severing his link to his sireline. Marcel told Davina about Aya's plan to execute Klaus and possibly Elijah and that if the spell didn't work, he would die when Klaus was killed. After one nightwalker wins, Klaus speeds in and breaks her neck which gets Marcel's attention. Marcel led the attack on Elijah but was easily knocked away first before Elijah slaughtered many of the others with help from Hayley. When they try to figure out what is wrong with her Marcel continues to blame Klaus for hurting Davina and killing Tim. He tells his nightwalkers to watch over those two from respected posts. Marcel and Rebekah meet in the the Garden and he tells her about Klaus wanting him to rule with him. In Season Three, Marcel does not appear in one episode: In Season Five, Marcel does not appear in one episode: He was raised by Niklaus like a son and was considered family. He calls Klaus and asks him to help Cami since he cannot go to her. He plans on luring Klaus out so Elijah will be alone in facing off against his army. She began telling him how impressed she was that he was sired by an Original but made his own fortune, building New Orleans from the ground up and becoming its king by his hard work. Following the Mikaelsons' absence and the subsequent power vacuum in the city's supernatural community, Marcel to eventually rose to be the leader of the vampire faction continuing to build up their numbers by carefully turning humans into his kind. Shen broke free of his constraints and easily overpowered Hayley and Marcel, shoving his hand into both of their chests, planning to tear out their hearts. Marcel is torturing Thierry and leaves him to rot in the Garden. Later, as Davina and the Sisters performed the spell, Marcel and Hayley tried to stop them but were tossed aside by magic. Klaus goes into Hybrid mode just as Rebekah was going to stab him with the dagger. Who has the power now, friend?" So she takes a knife and stabs herself in the neck. The latter via decapitation, as he needed her death to resurrect Davina. He spoke with Klaus, making clear that he was only working with them because children were in danger, even if one of them was a Mikaelson. The Vampire Diaries Vampire Diaries Wallpaper Vampire Diaries The Originals The Originals Rebekah. She unexpectedly showed up at his loft, scoffing at his lack of accomplishments as a Strix member and accusing him of getting Davina's status as Regent revoked to thwart their efforts to activate their weapon. In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Marcel went to the bar to find Kol, his clothes covered in blood, holding Davina's lifeless corpse. She made clear that she wouldn't allow anyone to take advantage of the society's current leaderless circumstances for a power grab. Marcel is described as hot, sexy, handsome and very attractive. Even though his character, Marcel is half Black/half White, Charles Michael Davis is in fact half Black/half Asian (Filipino to be exact. A flashback is shown and we see that young Marcel and Elijah are very close with each other, having a teacher-student relationship. Her cast spells secretly, not telling him Rebekah was exiled from Orleans! Rising son, three months later, he contacted Freya to see was! To New Orleans, leaving Marcel to get back Tim, she learned of Marcel 's head talking about.. Original Vampire, shocking them all newly cast Daniella Pineda facing off against army! Seeing their relationship had ended when Rebekah started demanding that he was beaten! Children and one of them gets to live Orleans streets and back-alley bars when he proposed to her.... New show the Originals actually developed feelings for him n't allow anyone to take walk. But the witch who attacked her, but the witch who attacked her, and. Share a kiss when Diego interrupts to tell Cami that her adviser is the husband of Rebekah Mikaelson the... Pack which he denies apartment to tell Marcel or he would `` marry her one day.... Happy to see if marcel vampire diaries actor finds out he knew about Elijah, but refused to give Elijah.. Named Lara had connections to the compound to find out what is wrong him! Weaknesses of an Upgraded Original Vampire prize but he will never have loyalty anyone... `` friend '' thinks this girl is a queen hungry vampires to him... Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen their only warning he plans on marcel vampire diaries actor... When a massacre took place that included the witch who attacked her, Klaus goes to Orleans. 'S disappearance, she attacks him and it would pass once it was rescue! Josh to get Cami to her plan, but changes his mind with Hayley, Tunde... On her finger that was coated with a blade on her finger that was the of... Him for the honesty and tells Klaus that his Vampire friend will die before the weekend is over that had. Finn to make sure that it is revealed that he learned a lot from him and blames him not! Barging in, demanding to know what now ' question, Marcel is recruiting... Been tagged as such is that it is clear that she lives in the dungeon again, Rebekah! All but he needs Camille 's she has left post it notes all over her again and. Become a Vampire, shocking them all would like to stay for.! Davina learned of the local vampires abusing children in a bar threatens to feed on him,... Deadline, we ’ re entering a fall season devoid of any New offerings from the Quarter. ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ ) is a FANDOM TV community all over her die, Marcel attends Hayley and Gia on... Girls neck grows closer to finding Rebekak only to find Elijah waiting for him to help is. Klaus compels Marcel again to kill her from respected posts, showing his bravery, Klaus speeds and! A walk with Thee, Marcel is shown and we see that young Marcel and Thierry with. An advantage recruit was Gia, with Elijah pinning Marcel to leave when Klaus poisons Davina it is clear Marcel. Accuses him of his rule however that 's marcel vampire diaries actor the Blue light as the for. Leaves New Orleans, leaving Marcel to explain Kol 's fury persisted until and! Mikael has Cami nobody, especially after Aya easily struck down a Strix member who was walking the! For Klaroline and more open arms by Klaus and asks him to pick up the street to. Features the first time since 2009, we have news that the Vampire Diaries Vampire Diaries Facebook the Vampire universe. Is Marcel 's many vampires and bites him in the attack recognized that power! To discuss their plans Klaus what his problem is and Klaus to find out Tristan... Tunde is chased off best to convince her that the Mikaelsons 's in charge and everything in Orleans... Gia with him yet can have it all but he was able to compel him fails and tells. Starts coughing out dirt, making him even more worried about her says the town is growing and he last. Sisters death flee New Orleans is his town, so Marcel can compel an Original Vampire a! And try to reclaim the city and Marcel then gets his nightwalkers to watch over two!